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New Year's Eve 2024 in Abu Dhabi Desert

Celebrate New Year's Eve with Live Entertainment Shows & Desert Activities.

Celebrate the New Year Eve 2024 in Style with Desert Party in Abu Dhabi.

Regardless of where you come from, if you are in Abu Dhabi for the New Year, you have got to welcome this new chapter in an Emirati style! What is more Emirati than the desert? This is why a New Year desert safari is a worthy suggestion for starting the year 2024. This New Year desert safari in the Abu Dhabi desert can be customized to fit your preferences and budget. Celebrate this New Year Abu Dhabi style with numerous cultural performance shows and activities enjoyed by the locals of the region.

Apart from having a live DJ, visitors can countdown to New Year with numerous activities. The globally loved belly dancing, which needs no explanation, is one of the performances that will keep you entertained. Followed up by a Tanoura show in which the dancers continuously spin, creating vibrant patterns with their multilayered skirts. This coupled with captivating light effects, graceful hand movements, and the occasional usage of props make this performance a popular feature in cultural excursions and events. Hold your breath as you see fire being manipulated and choreographed in the daring fire show. After that thrilling spectacle, jive to the beats of popular Indian songs as you witness a live Indian dance performance.

If you are in the desert you have to try something the Bedouins love which is why a brief camel ride is included. Follow this up with a modern preference which is sand skiing. Ladies can also get their hands adorned with Arabic henna patterns, a common form of adornment loved by locals. Face painting is also offered for those who prefer to get their face painted to celebrate the coming of 2024. Although you will be leaving with loads of memories, you can pose with a Falcon for a photo to have a visual memento of your unique New Year Eve of 2024.

The excursion starts with a pick-up from your Abu Dhabi hotel. You can customize which vehicle picks you up depending on your preferences. Visitors who prefer group tours can opt for a bus pickup, whereas those who wish for a more private experience can select a 4x4 pickup. You can also choose the type from a night or overnight New Year's Eve Abu Dhabi desert safari. Guests can pay a little extra to avail of the VIP sitting area facility.

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The New Year Begins in...


Choose the perfect New Year's Eve package for you:

New Year Eve Direct Camp
  • Direct Vist to Camp
  • No Dune Bashing
  • No Overnight Stay
199 AED Per Adult
149 AED Per Child
New Year Eve Bus Pickup
  • Transport by Bus
  • No Dune Bashing Session
  • No Overnight Stay
249 AED Per Adult
200 AED Per Child
New Year Eve 4x4 Pickup
  • Transport by 4x4 Land Cruiser
  • No Dune Bashing Session
  • No Overnight Stay
349 AED Per Adult
300 AED Per Child
New Year Eve VIP Sitting
  • Transport by 4x4 Land Cruiser
  • No Dune Bashing
  • No Overnight Stay

4x4 Pickup

449 AED Per Adult
349 AED Per Child

Direct Camp

299 AED Per Adult
199 AED Per Child
NYE Overnight Bus Pickup
  • Transport by Bus
  • No Dune Bashing
  • Overnight Stay
449 AED Per Adult
349 AED Per Child
Overnight New Year Eve
  • Transport by 4x4 Land Cruiser
  • No Dune Bashing
  • Overnight Stay
549 AED Per Adult
449 AED Per Child

Enjoy New Year Eve Desert Activities

vip sitting area

VIP Sitting Area

live dj

Live DJ

belly dance

Belly Dance

tanoura dance show

Tanoura Show

fire show

Fire Show

indian dance show

Indian Dance

camel ride

Camel Ride

sand skiing

Sand Skiing

henna tattoo

Henna Tattoo

face painting

Face Painting

flacon photoshoot

Falcon Photoshoot

buffet dinner

Buffet Dinner